Self-Catered Lunches

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Self Catered Lunches

Self Catering & Boxed Meals:

Dear organizers,
Are you looking for a great meal idea?  How about Self-Catering or Box Meals from White Fence Farm?

Here’s all you need to know:

The Self-Catering Option Includes:

• Three pieces of our “World Famous Farm Chicken” per person

• Mashed potatoes with Farm Made Chicken Gravy

• Creamy Cole Slaw

• Hot Corn Fritters

• Served Family Style in pans for easy set-up and clean-up

• Kidney Bean Salad or Pickled Beats can be added for only $4.25 per pint
$7.95 per Person
*If requested, disposable tableware (plates, plastic cups, flatware, napkins, and serving spoons) can be provided for an additional cost of $.95 per person.

The Box Meal Option Includes:

• Four pieces of our “World Famous Farm Chicken” per person

• Individual Serving of Cole Slaw

• Individual Serving of Mashed Potatoes with Farm Made Chicken Gravy

• Half dozen Hot Corn Fritters

• Served in Individual Boxes for each person

• The box meals are great for groups of any size

$8.95 per Person
Individual Kidney Bean Salad or Pickled Beats can be added for $1.45 each

• Our meals are prepared fresh and are not cooked until a few minutes before your arrival.  We want your food to be as fresh as possible for you.

• 26-99 orders receive a 5% savings and 100 or more orders receive a 10% savings

White Fence Farm is Closed on Mondays. It would be wonderful if you could call a week in advance to let us know that you will be taking advantage of our Self-Catering or Box Meal Option.  A minimum of 25 meals applies to both options.

• Contact anyone in our office at 303-935-5945 extension 10 to set a date for your group to enjoy an easy and delicious meal from White Fence Farm.

fried chicken stacked on plate
Broiled Filet of Fish
NY strip steak