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House of Worship Appreciation

The White Fence Farm has a special program for House of Worship banquets and events that gives 20% of the total bill back to the house of worship. Outlined below is how our program works:

Make any banquet or dining room reservation (minimum of 6 people) in the name of your house of worship and come enjoy a world famous chicken dinner at White Fence Farm, and we will tithe 10% of your total bill back to your house of worship. Reservations are on a space available basis! Come enjoy your dinner and the wonderful atmosphere at the White Fence Farm; then the total bill must be paid with one check (church or private). To be eligible for tax exempt status, payments must be made with a house of worship check including tax identification number.

Within two weeks after your dinner at the White Fence Farm, we will mail our 10% tithe of your total bill back to your house of worship.

Additionally we will donate to your house of worship 10% of your total bill in Donation Dollars* which can be used for the house of worship’s administration any way they see fit. Donation Dollars can be given to Pastors, Clergy, Sunday School Teachers, office workers, or anyone as a reward for their efforts. *Donation Dollars are treated as currency in our Dining Room and Carry Out. Donation Dollars do not receive cash back.

To set up your house of worship fund raiser with the White Fence Farm, call 303-935-5945 ext 10.

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